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  • Why choose MiCasa Legacy?
    MiCasa Legacy is not just a real estate company, we are a passionate team with a clear vision: to transform lives and leave a lasting legacy in the real estate market. Our motto, “Transforming lives, leaving a legacy”, reflects the heart of our mission and core values. We are a company with more than 20 years in the market, and more than 2000 dreams fulfilled.
  • Why is MiCasa Legacy more than just a real estate company?
    Our commitment goes beyond simply helping our clients find the home of their dreams. We are present at every stage of the purchase, providing support, advice and purchasing strategies that ensure that each client makes informed and successful decisions in the real estate market.
  • How does MiCasa Legacy contribute to the education and development of young people in Argentina?
    We aim to leave a positive and lasting impact on society. We believe in the transformative power of education; that's why we allocate a portion of our resources to provide scholarships for young individuals in Argentina. We are committed to building a promising future and leaving a legacy for the upcoming generations by offering growth and development opportunities.
  • Why are we a "bridge that connects dreams with reality"?
    Our goal is to make the dream of owning a home an achievable reality for every individual and family. Every real estate transaction we facilitate is an opportunity to provide stability and financial growth for our clients.
  • What is the importance of investing in real estate?
    We encourage investment in real estate as a safe instrument to guarantee long-term financial stability not only for the present, but also for generations to come. We want each person who interacts with us to feel part of a legacy, built on strong values and a shared vision of a prosperous future full of possibilities.
  • In what geographical area are we located?
    Currently, we are working in the cities of Columbus and Dayton, in the state of Ohio, United States.
  • What type of properties does MiCasa Legacy offer?
    We offer all types of properties: residential, commercial, land and more
  • How can I get in touch with MiCasa Legacy to buy, rent, or sell a property?
    For a quick response, you can contact us by email or, call us at +1 614 354 5759

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